Today, we rely on vastly different communication channels when compared to the early days of e-mail back in the mid-1990’s. Yet the digital calendars today still place an overwhelming emphasis on e-mail standards to connect individuals to your events.

It’s time for Timeet.  A digital calendar capable of connecting to any IM platform.  Connect and schedule easily through one single platform without any limitation or borders. Timeet is a new way of managing your schedule based on your mobile number and not your e-mail address. This small change opens up a new world of event-based social communication including sending event invites to any contact in your phone (regardless of whether or not you have their e-mail address) as well as through any IM platform.

When creating an event or a meeting, there always ends up being dialogue about it.   This is the reason why we’ve decided to embed chats within each individual event so planning becomes a breeze.

Today, many of us are already using a calendar tool. It might be an outdated one, but it “is good enough”. In order to make life easier for our users, we use full two-way synchronization with pre-existing calendar tools. All events created with Timeet can be synchronized in real-time to your preferred calendar account.  Other calendar accounts can also be presented within Timeet. We call this full two-way synchronization. We believe you will love how useful and user-friendly Timeet is.