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Timeet Basics

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General Questions

Q: What is Timeet?

Timeet is an Instant Calendar app. Not like any other calendar app, Timeet uses people's phone number as their ID and that provides the experience to be the same as Instant Messaging (IM) app. Now you can invite any of your contact persons to a meeting and also share it using any IM platform such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

Timeet synchronized with any other calendar installed on your smartphone device. That enables you to continue managing all your other calendars and easily set new meetings using Timeet and your preferred IM platform.

Q: Why should I use Timeet

With Timeet you can schedule a meeting or invite to an event anyone that you know his phone number, or you are connected with in any Instant Messaging platform. No more need for official email address to set a meeting. It is easy and friendly to use.

Q: What if the invitee doesn’t have the application?

No need to worry. For you it is indifferent. Timeet automatically recognizes if the invitee has the app. If yes, the meeting is set in his calendar and he gets notification. If not, we send SMS with an invitation and link. When the invitee clicks on the link he is forwarded to the App store to download the application and after installing the app, the meeting will already appear in his calendar.

Q: How do I synchronized my other calendars?

When you first download the application and register, the application presents all the accounts that are defined on your device and you can choose which one to synchronize. In addition, you can change this definition at any time from the application menu 'settings'.


Q: How do I invite people using my IM application?

After you set a new meeting (title, date and time) you can use the "share" button. That enables you to pick the IM application that you want to use. Once you choose IM application and a person/group to share it with, the system sends an invitation link to this person/group.


Q: Who can see my meetings?

The meetings that you create locally on your calendar (with no other people involved) or those that you only invite people directly, using the "Invite your contacts" button are secured and can only be seen by the meeting participants. However, PLEASE NOTE that if you choose to share a meeting, everyone can forward the link and anyone that clicks on this link and install the application can get the meeting details.


Q: Can anyone share my meeting?

If you shared your meeting using IM application, anyone that gets the link can forward it and share it. If you didn't share the meeting but only invited people using the "Invite your contacts" button, you can define whether invitees can forward this meeting using the “Shareable event” indicator at the “select” contact screen.


Q: Why do I need to enter verification code?

Timeet sends verification code to assure that the application is installed on your own device and no one can use your number and get your meetings information.


Q: What if I didn't get the verification code?

Getting the SMS with the verification code may take few minutes. If you waited more than that and still didn’t get the SMS, please verify that the phone number that you entered is correct. If you are still having problems, please contact us at support@timeet.co .


Timeet Basics


Q: How do I know who has Timeet?

You don't have to care who has Timeet. The system automatically identifies that and in case you are inviting someone which is not a Timeet user, the app suggests you send the details of the invitation using SMS or WhatsApp


Q: How do I know who responded to the invitation?

There are 2 ways to know who responded to the invitation:

  1. You get push notification with any response

  2. When you open event details you have a list of all the invitees and their response. If there is no sign by the name that means that this person hasn't responded yet. Note that when you use to 'Share' your event only those who open the link appear on your 'Invited' list.


Q: There is unrecognized phone number on the 'Invited' list. What does it mean?

If you shared your meeting, anyone that got the link can response. If you don’t have this person in your contacts, it will appear as a phone number + name as registered in Timeet.


Q: What is the use of the 'Inbox'?

The inbox presents all invitations that you get from other people and all the events that have unread messages in the chat. For each and every message that gets into your inbox, you get push notification.

Q: How do I create a meeting?

Press on the "+" sign and it will open the "New Event" screen. There you can enter the following details:

  • Title of the meeting

  • Invite your contacts

  • Share your event using any IM or email platform

  • Start and end date and time

  • Location

  • Reminder – default reminder time before the event.

  • Define if it is a recurring event and if yes what is the frequency

  • Remark


Q: How can I brand my meeting?

Use the camera icon in the “New event” screen to choose a picture and add it to your event. This event will be branded using your picture.


Q: Can I send invitation to a group of people?

If you have an existing group in any IM platform, you can share your meeting with this group using the "Share" button.


Q: I'm not sure when should I use "Invite" and when should I "Share" the meeting with others?

Using "Invite your contacts" keeps your invitation within the Timeet platform. That means you, and only you, control who are the invitees and see their responses. However, in order to use "invite your contacts" you have to know all invitees phone numbers and choose it one by one. If you choose to "Share" your meeting using other platform, you can choose from any group of people that is defined there (e.g. WhatsApp group) but you can see only those who chose to response to the invitation.


Q: What if I don’t want people to chat within the meeting?

When you create the event unmark “Enable chat with invitees in event” this will disable the chat for this event


Time Zone Support


Q: How does Timeet handles different time zones?

Timeet uses the current time zone that defined on the phone. That assures that your meetings are always presented on the same time zone that you are at.


Q: If I travel to a different time zone how would it reflect my meetings?

Timeet adjusts calendar time presentation to the local time zone so you are always on time to your next meeting.

If you set a meeting and then moved to a new location with a different time zone, please note that the meeting scheduled will be updated according to the time changes between the different time zones.


Q: I'm moved to a different time zone and my Timeet didn't update the time?

Make sure that your phone "Date & Time" definitions are set automatically and that the time zone is correct.